About Us

Why and how did we get into this business? Well, that’s the start of our story.

Several years ago, when my wife was pregnant with triplets, we found that the foetuses were not in a stable condition. My wife had to be put on bed rest to mitigate the risks of a miscarriage. Instead of long-term hospitalisation, we chose to be at home during this period. We had a normal bed then. During the bed rest, whenever my wife had to get out of bed, it would cause great pressure on her womb. Eventually, this caused her waterbag to break early and our babies had to be delivered at the 24th week of the pregnancy. Our children were born severely premature. This unfortunate event brought many new challenges to our family, including the hefty sum of medical bills. From this episode, we learnt that having the right bed to rest on was of significance importance.

A few years later, while we were on a business trip, we met a healthcare personnel who introduced this wonderful electronic bed to us. We gained more insights about the health benefits of choosing the right bed to recharge. Had we have met earlier, I would definitely invest in this product to avoid the unnecessary pains and heartaches.

Finally, another chapter of our life unfolds, as my wife and I decide to venture into this business to bring this wonderful knowledge to others.

We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to Mr Samad, Dr Yap and Julie. They have rendered great assistance to us through this journey. As we embark on this new journey, we want to thank God for His continuous guidance and His abundance grace and mercy upon us.