How to chose a right bed for elderly

Bed Foots

Bed foots should not be installed at the edge of the bed. If the elderly user accidentally kicks on the bed foot, then they may fall and cause a serious injury. Bed foots shall be inner design in order to reduce the risk of accidents happening. Try to avoid beds with sideboard design which may also have the same risk as mentioned above.



Hand railing is always an issue due to its lead to an impression of hospital bed. However, this feature is very important to safeguard the elderly user from falling while using the bed. The main benefit of the railing is to provide support for the user to go on & off the bed easily and safely. Balance within the safety and apparent image have to be in consideration.


Bed Height

There is no standard height applied to the bed. Bed height is very dedicated to individual user. Low bed height will cause damage to the user’s kneecap in long term, especially for elderly user. Oppositely, high bed height may cause accident while user legs is not firmly secure to touch on floor.



Advisable to avoid the bed mechanism with velvet or fabric materials to prevent dirt accumulative over the periods. This may cause micro-organism to develop and lead to mattress contamination which may further increase health complications.



Mechanical or electronic lock is also an important feature to protect the elderly user. This is to prevent playful children or fault-press due to mishandling.